YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script Updated Blogger

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script Updated Blogger

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script Updated Blogger

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script for Blogger and it is updated Script from any other script you may get from the internet. For Downloading YouTube Thumbnail Script for blogger just read this article. We updated this script to fit for Adsense and SEO friendly by including required pages and Seo tags.

Blogger YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script is a really very nice idea to provide this kind of tool on your website. Even we are going to add this to our website very soon. Many new Blogger Scripts and Viral Script will be available on our website so don't forget to follow us.

So now let's check how this youtube thumbnail Downloader Script works and how to implement it in our blogger. But before downloading any script or design we first check our features then decide about it. Therefore read the complete article to know how it works and how you can modify Downloader Script.

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script Download
YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script Download for Blogger

First Let's check how it works,

Working of YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script

It is good to know to work and how it is implemented before downloading and using it on your website. Because it can help you to do some modification and require changes as per your requirement.

So let's get started, In YouTube, every thumbnail image is saved in the specific format. And by using this format we can easily extract thumbnail from any youtube video just by replacing video Id in format.

YouTube Thumbnail Fixture Format:

Following are format to get Default Size to high-Resolution Size (if available):

In Above Link VideoId is the Unique Id of Video available to each youtube Video. For Example, YouTube Thumbnail Downloader  Link of Video: has Video Id as odxNV4dY3NY.

So to make YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script we just need to replace VideoId of the above link to Users Pasted link in your Script. To get Video Id from Entered YouTube Url we do some regular expression matching in Javascript.

Now you understood how it works and how you can make your own youtube Thumbnail Downloader Script and upload it in blogger.

Download YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script for Blogger

Using the above-explained login one can make their own Script by implementing some more logic and skill you can make a lot better script than this. But as it is updated script we added many more features like as follows.

  • Responsive Design (Another Similar Script is not responsive )
  • Social Sharing Options
  • Place Ad Code Section
  • Privacy Policy, Contact, About, Terms of Use Pages Added
  • Bootstrap Modals and Design
  • SEO Meta Tags 
  • Footer Link and Credits
  • Sticky Share Option 
  • and many more to our Updated YouTube Thumbnail Generator Script

Therefore to Download this Script Click on Download Button and follow some steps mentioned below.

    • Scroll Down and Click on Download Button

  • Click on it and Wait for 40 Seconds or Less and Download Will Automatically Starts
  • If not then click on Re-Download and now no waiting Download will Start.
  • Also, Download More Amazing Script From Our Website and do comment below for any modification or else.

The Script is working fine in all devices but there was some error and some features were missing. But Now All is working very fine with Updated YouTube Image Downloader Script. Therefore Download the Updated version of the previous script.

In Updated Version Image can be obtained from various YouTube Video URL Links like:
and more...

Also Now in Updated Script Images are responsive loaded as per the device size. So before images were of big size don't fit to screen but now it is working fine as per devices screen size. Therefore you can download an updated version of the script and use it.